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Spa near Orlando, FL. Marbella Spa

Soothing Massage Treatments

Savor the healing touch.

Massage therapy relieves tired, sore muscles, alleviates pain and tension and improves circulation so you feel and function better. All therapeutic massage treatments are performed by Licensed Massage Therapists. Set your mind free and surrender to the power of the human touch.

Spa Marbella’s massage treatments offer healing, rebalancing, toning and rejuvenating benefits.


Refresh Mini-Massage
This 25 minute back, neck and shoulder routine will invigorate and rejuvenate a tired body.
25 min$75
Swedish Massage
A full body light pressure massage style that helps to soothe muscle tension, increase circulation and relax the mind and body.
50/80 min$105/$145
Deep Tissue
A deeper pressure massage beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension, soreness and pain to bring better flexibility and movement to the muscles and joints.
50/80 min$125/$165
The Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage
An aromatherapy infused massage that will delight the senses. This massage combines essential oil blends and relaxing massage techniques to support healthy emotional and physiological functions to enhance wellbeing.
50 min$115


Golfers / Sports Massage
Feeling brutalized by the back 9? Let our therapists relieve the residual tension and soreness from overdoing it on the beautiful courses at Mission Inn.
50 min$125


Couples Massage

Unwind and relax, side by side, each with your own personal therapist in the same private environment.

50/80 min$210/$290

Specialty Massage

Sea Shell Massage

Our heated seashells are used to sooth muscles, release tension and promote overall wellness. This massage offers relaxing and therapeutic benefits including improved circulation and relaxation

50/80 min$130/$150
Marbella Signature Stone Massage
Warmth and pressure from lightly heated stones combined with a blend of special aromatherapy oils melt away stress and muscle tension. Leaving your muscles relaxed and your skin hydrated.
50/80 min$145/$165
Warm Bamboo Massage
Heated bamboo and rattan sticks are combined with massage techniques to deliver a soothing deep tissue massage.The heated bamboo is rolled over your skin as the therapist uses different amounts of pressure to release muscle tension and relax the body.
50/80 min$155/$175
Reflexology Massage
Reflexology is the ancient art of foot massage. It is believed that energy runs through the body in channels known as meridians and that massage of the feet stimulates these energy channels, promoting healing and relaxation.
25 min$40

Add-Ons to Massage Services

Luxury Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
Warmed aromatherapy blend especially suited to nourish the scalp and hair, this treatment is incorporated into your allotted massage service time.
Sinus Treatment Massage
We start with a warm towel infused with eucalyptus to open the nasal passages and perform a 10 minute pressure point massage on the face neck and shoulders to encourage proper nasal drainage. Treatment is incorporated into your allotted massage service time.