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Adventure Learning


Mission Inn Resort & Club offers decades of experiential learning and team building experience. We host the most powerful corporate team building events, corporate team building seminars, corporate team building workshops, and corporate team building programs in Central Florida. We also work with youth groups, schools, churches, athletic teams and civic organizations.

Our programs are built from a variety of activities that target any number of different skills and values. Our skilled facilitators deliberately select challenges that require your group to address their weaknesses and grow individually and collectively to achieve success. Our team will provide ample opportunities for each group to identify individual opportunities for growth and reflect on how they responded to each situation. Discussions at the end of each program highlight the ways in which your group has improved and the many ways in which these changes can carry over into their lives outside of our program.

All of our customized team building programs are designed to foster trust, teamwork, and connection among your people. Additionally, your team building event can focus on a variety of seminar topics including: organizational development, strategic planning, communication, inclusion & diversity, cultural change, crisis management, emotional intelligence, goal setting, and visioning.

Our most popular corporate team building programs include our High Challenge Course, Low Challenge Course, Operation Intercept, Airlift, Indoor and custom designed adventure learning challenge courses. These team building events serve as the cornerstone of our adventure learning services. These events, as well as our other offerings, can also be incorporated into a more comprehensive multi-day team building or training program.

Challenge Courses

High Challenge Course

Accommodates:15 participants or more
Learnings:Personal breakthrough, communication skills, trust, support, commitment, cultural change, team building, risk-taking, and resilience.

This is the tried and true way to get individuals to break through preconceived assumptions and behaviors in order to experience being part of an authentic, high performing team. The course is a series of high events that each has its own specific dynamic and learning.

Usually a daylong event, the High Challenge Course can stand alone: as a foundation for a longer meeting that requires open and honest dialogue, or integrated as part of a client designed company meeting.

Please note: we take safety in our climbing program very seriously. Our High Challenge Course and all of the gear for all our climbing programs has been inspected by an independent ropes course engineering program. Our professional staff checks the gear and challenge course daily as well.

Low Challenge Course

Accommodates:10 participants or more
Learnings:Problem-solving, interpersonal skills, strategic planning, implementation, communication, leadership skills, followship skills, and team building.
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Low event courses have less of an emotional quotient compared to the High Challenge Course and emphasizes more of the problem-solving aspect in teams. With access to a wide variety of events that offer diverse outcomes, it is easy to custom design a day that will illicit deep and insightful debriefs that will relate directly to both personal and professional life.

The events can easily be used independently or threaded together to create a challenging, connected, overall theme specific to the outcomes and needs of the client. Pre-course discovery with the client to determine specific issues and outcomes will facilitate the design of the day or half day.

Similar to the High Challenge Course, these events can stand alone, be a foundation for a meeting, or they can be woven into a longer program.

Operation Intercept

Accommodates:30 to 80 participants
Learnings:Interdependence, big picture thinking, crisis management, team building, problem solving, interpersonal skills, communication skills, innovation and creativity.
mission inn resort adventure learning team building

This event is composed of two to four teams. Their challenge is to utilize all the materials and information available to them in order to construct systems that can safely transport two agents from remote theatres into the local theatre situated in the middle of enemy territory.

These agents then need to gather valuable coded information that will lead them to the high value target. The agents with the high value target need to return to base within the 4-hour time frame in order for the mission to be successful.

This is a great event for organizations with departments or teams that need to work interdependently with each other in a work environment where communication is unreliable and where resources and information are not always readily available.


Accommodates:50 participants or more
Learnings:Team interdependence, innovation, creativity, interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, task implementation, communication skills, problem solving, leadership skills and change management.
mission inn resort adventure learning activity

Your organization is asked to reinvent itself by creating a safe transport system (with helium balloons) that can lift a team member safely over a cityscape in order to save the life of a stranded and isolated person.

Since the transport system they design is up for bid they will need to design, build, market and sell their product before demonstrating its capabilities. This will require creating departments (engineering, design, sales, marketing, HR, etc.) in order to accomplish the task.

This event is perfect for diverse teams that need to work interdependently with each other in order to achieve a seemingly impossible task.

Indoor Experiential Learning

Tell us the outcomes you want for your business or organization and we will design a program specifically to meet them by utilizing a series of exercises, models and curriculum that have been developed over many years of successful implementation.

mission inn resort adventure learning team

Be warned, these programs will energize the group, challenge the people and change your whole perception of how a company meeting “should be”!

Half-Day Events can focus on a specific issue, jump start a meeting, generate dialogue or enforce a learning point. Some experiential exercises can stand on their own as a foundation for reflection and dialogue, while other exercises can be utilized and supported by curriculum that engages the participants in a learning event.

Ferris Wheel is an example of a stand-alone half-day event. It is a complex, scalable organizational simulation that requires systems thinking, innovation, fast teaming, creative modeling and keen marketing skills. It is also very fun and a visual spectacle. This event is excellent for organizations that want to dramatically rethink their business and find ways to enroll associates in the creative problem solving process.

We have the capability to design, create and deliver workbooks and materials to support the curriculum and learning objectives of any meeting.


This resort is perfect for families of all ages. There's a variety of things you can do without even leaving the campus. They offer plenty of things to use like bikes or fishing poles, a game room, shuffle board, table tennis, or even golf clubs down at the clubhouse. The views are amazing and the service is excellent. In my two years of coming here, I have yet to have an issue!

Tyler B
Princeton, New Jersey
Rating: 5

We visit Mission Inn every couple of years. It has always been great, but the place was even better this year. The golf courses remain excellent. The rooms, restaurants, pool, etc. are also excellent. While we didn't take advantage of them they now have a marina and a skeet range. Mount Dora is only 1/2 hour away if you want some diversity.

So much to do at this resort including excellent restaurants, biking, walking trail, spa, golf, tennis, work out facility, trap and skeet shooting and fishing. Something here for everyone to enjoy! It's located in a very small town in the rolling hills of Florida. Great place to hold an event for just to visit with family and friends.

Palm City, Florida
Rating: 5