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Trace Florida Culture with Oranges, Golf Balls and Buffets!

Did you know the first citrus juice plant in Florida was opened by William Howey?

We can trace Florida culture with oranges, golf balls and buffets…


In 1921 William Howey, for whom the town is named, opened the state’s first plant to bottle citrus juice. He sold the product under his label Lifeguard. The company was extremely successful and by 1927 employed more than 500 people.

Mission Inn Resort is built on the original lands purchased and developed by Howey. Since Nick Beucher bought and expanded the land and property in 1964, there have been generations who have welcomed guests to a remarkable resort. Today the old orange groves still stand amidst the rolling hills and old oak and cypress trees, a testament to entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out the Florida Citrus Label Exhibit!

Florida Golf Culture

Very early golf balls were made out of what?

(a) wood (b) cow hide or (c) feathers?

Wood is the answer here. In the 14th century, golf balls were made out of hardwoods like beech or boxroot.

When you sip orange juice does golf in Florida automatically come to mind? In Howey-in-the-Hills, these two iconic Florida images are inextricably connected.


The very acreage where William Howey first envisioned his citrus groves now also include two award winning golf courses, and is part of the Florida Historic Golf Trail. One, now a century old, is the highly acclaimed El Campeón golf course which was designed by talented golf course architect George O’Neil in 1917.

Mission Inn Resort, home to both El Campeón and Las Colinas, has hosted multiple national golf tournaments. This resort set in Florida’s rolling hills is also the location of two golf academies: Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy and Bird Golf Academy.

Superb courses, chipping areas, a large putting green and extensive pro shop at Mission Inn all add up to a great golf experience.

And where there are 18 holes, there are bound to be healthy appetites!

Delicious Food Choices to Satisfy Every Taste

Where did the idea of a buffet originate?

The idea was inspired from the Swedish “smorgasbord” where both hot and cold foods are served on separate tables. The concept caught international attention at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.


Beautifully prepared buffet meals bursting with colour, variety and flavour are a favourite at Mission Inn Resort & Club.

Whether it’s a fruit sculpture, a dish of pasta or a creative cocktail which may include local grapefruit or orange juice, the culinary team takes pride in what they serve and in creating a positive dining experience.

With many years of highly successful culinary events to its credit, Mission Inn represents a family-owned enterprise that understands the importance of sitting down to meals with family and friends. Guests not only come from miles away to enjoy occasions like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving or, but they return year after year to celebrate again.

What’s behind the scenes?

View our Cuisine Flipbook

At Mission Inn you will experience the height of Florida culture and hospitality. Whether it’s the first sip of the day, the challenging 17th hole on El Campeon, or that second help of dessert, here you will be able to trace Florida culture with oranges, golf balls and buffets!

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