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Golf Training: The Psychology of the Reminder

At the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy located at Mission Inn Resort in Central Florida, students come from all over the world to learn their golf training system and to “Train Like a Champion.” Every junior golfer is unique in their personality styles, golf swings and tournament goals.

 The GGGA training system provides individual goals and drills in each area of a student’s golf training including technical, mental, fitness and on ­course strategy. Mission Inn’s formidable courses including El Campeon (ranked #2 golf course in the nation by Golf Advisor) and Las Colinas provide 36 holes of on ­course challenges for GGGA’s students.

The problem with many goals in life is that they remain just that, lofty hopes and dreams for the future. But with proper planning and follow­ through, the Gary Gilchrist  Golf Academy develops those goals into short­ term milestones and weekly drills to eventually be able to achieve the overall goal. The GGGA coaching team uses simple reminders to help students remain positive and focused on their long­ term golf goals.

Each student is given a GGGA wristband as an ever present reminder of the goals that they’ve set for themselves and dreams they want to pursue, whether it’s playing collegiate NCAA golf, turning pro or lowering their overall handicap. It’s unobtrusive, subtle and a perpetual reminder to remain focused on their goals and dreams.

What goal reminders do you use to make sure you are achieving each one, small or large?

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