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Spa Marbella Golfers Massage

At Mission Inn Resort and Club we offer stress reduction and relaxation with one stop at our resort and you might even improve your golf game.  Golf and spa are a great combination for today’s travelers.

Visit Spa Marbella for a pre-game warm up massage or contact Golf Pro Joe for a golf lesson.

Spa Marbella offers a Golfer’s Massage that differs from traditional massage offerings in that the focus is directed toward the top 10 stress areas our therapist sees with golfers

  1. Lower back
  2. Wrist
  3. Elbow
  4. Shoulder
  5. Knee
  6. Neck
  7. Hip
  8. Ribs
  9. Ankle
  10. Foot

Often time’s golfers will experience inflammation in the deltoids and around the shoulder ligaments and tendons.  One can benefit in 2 ways with our Golfer’s massage 1) as a post golf muscle relaxation which can help prevent soreness and stiffness or as a pre-game warm up.

With proper warm-up and stretching, followed by massage to prepare muscles, tendons and ligaments, it is possible to bring a golfer up to 100-percent performance from a pre-massage potential of maybe 60-70 percent.

Whether you’ve been brutalized by the back nine or are looking to be more competitive on the course a pre or post Golfer’s Massage is a sure bet. Call Spa Marbella at 352-324-3924 to book your massage today!

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