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Mental toughness and Golf – Taking golf to the next level!

In the game of golf, many amateur players approach the sport from a talent point of view.  Equally important is the mental approach to the game.  How much mental toughness is needed in golf?  One may argue that golf is 30-50 percent mental; thus it drives one’s ability to play in the present and enhance one’s confidence to bounce back from unfortunate scores.

Dr. Bob Rotella wrote; “A golfer has to learn to enjoy the process of striving to improve.  That process, not the end result, enriches life.”  (Bob Rotella, Golf is Not a Game of Perfect).  I totally agree with Dr. Rotella’s statement.  In the same book, Dr. Rotella stated, “attitude would always win out over ability.”  The before mentioned statement holds true to today’s sports environment and those who master the mental aspects of positive affirmation have a better opportunity (attitude) at overcoming adversity.  Application of mental aspect of golf game should take place at the practice range, pre round game plan, post round practice, recovery and more.  In golf, positive affirmation (mental game) may aid players at all levels to overcome negative toughs with positive ones; thus improving the possibility to expertly execute a golf swing without any doubt or hesitation.

I most recognize that a sound golf game foundation is necessary in order to facilitate a faster transition of one’s ability to merge talent with the mental game aspect.  However, I have seen the very same positive impact with players of all levels.  For instance; a new student stands on a tee box where there is water to the left and out of bounce to the right.  What does the student sees without applying positive affirmation?  The students mental and visual focus is more on the negative: “don’t hit it in the water” don’t hit it out of bounce.”  The recommended approach is to focus on the fairway, focus on good tee shots previously hit, and focus on the target area.  Basically, take the negative out of your mind and focus on the positive.  Positive affirmation approach to the game of golf takes the negative off one’s mind and drives the positive to enhance the needed confidence to play the game.

Golfers looking to improve their mental approach to the game of golf, look no further.  Mission Inn Resort and Club golf instructors are prepared and eager to share their positive affirmation knowledge and mental aspect of the game with other golfers.  Visit us to experience our above par facility, outstanding hospitality and enthusiasm for the growth of the game.  Give us the opportunity to help you ‘ELEVATE YOUR MENTAL GOLF GAME”.

Taking golf to the next level!

By: Luis (Lou) Colon

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