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Memories from the Past: The World in 1917

Memories from the Past: The World in 1917


  • Woodrow Wilson was president and the US population was 103,270,000
  • First US combat troops arrive in France to fight Germany in WWI
  • Residents of Puerto Rico are granted US Citizenship
  • The Federal spending was $1.95 billion
  • The US buys the Danish West Indies from Denmark for $25 million. They become the US Virgin Islands
  • On November 6, New York State allows women to vote
  • In November, the price of a first class stamps rose from 2 cents to 3 cents
  • Costs: A loaf of bread is 10 cents, a dozen eggs is 49 cents, a quart of milk is 12 cents, a pound of steak is 29 cents, a pound of coffee is 31 cents, a movie ticket is 10 to 15 cents
  • The Chicago White Sox defeated the New York Giants to win the World Series
  • The most popular baby names are Mary, Helen, Dorothy, Ruth, Mildred, John, William, Robert, Joseph and George

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