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Have Fun, But Stick to the Basics

At the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, the fundamentals are the foundation of the golf swing for all players from a beginner to a pro. There are three key fundamentals that are needed for the proper setup of the swing: grip, posture, and alignment. The set-up is the groundwork for consistency and control.

The grip controls the clubface throughout the swing.

Posture is important because it allows the body to rotate correctly throughout the swing while staying in the proper angles to create the best result.

Alignment controls the swing path. It is determined by proper ball position and directs the clubface through the ball, which in the end results in the ball flight.

The pivot is the body motion of the swing, which controls weight shift, body rotation, and allows for the club to accelerate through impact. Once you’ve improved your set-up, the plane of your swing will naturally follow. The club will swing in balance, allowing it to return on the correct plane into the impact of the ball.

Great golfers have solid fundamentals in all areas of their game. Going back to the basics is the fastest way to feel, see, and experience improvement in one’s performance. Make it a standard routine to use much of your practice time to master those fundamentals.

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