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Exciting Enhancements Ahead

Mission Inn Resort is thrilled to announce its plans for a $10 million property-wide renovation following the resort’s recent acquisition by MMI Hotel Group. Prepare for an upgraded experience that remains true to the values of this storied Central Florida resort.

In case you missed it, Mission Inn Resort & Club is under new ownership. MMI Hotel Group, a private, full-suite hotel management company based in Mississippi, now owns and operates Howey-in-the-Hill’s beloved Mission Inn Resort. Their team has plans for enhancements throughout the grounds aimed at improving our guest and member experience.

The first wave of changes includes a new irrigation system for our championship El Campeon golf course, a new pool, and refreshed food & drink options. The new 10,000 sq. foot ‘resort-style’ pool will be built with all the bells and whistles you, or your kids, could possibly desire. Our existing pool will be reimagined so guests may enjoy a more tranquil experience. The resort restaurant experience will also be enhanced through the addition of a new poolside bar & grill, and revised layouts and branding for both La Margarita and El Conquistador.

We expect the first phase to be complete by 2025, with more updates and changes to come. Mission Inn Resort is delighted to be led through this era of change by new General Manager Cindy Staley, a seasoned hospitality professional with years of leadership experience in Florida markets.

Stay tuned for the upgrades and updates to come to Mission Inn Resort & Club.

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  1. So glad to hear about the new ownership & direction. My biggest complaint being a resident & avid golfer is this excruciating shooting range. Which has no business in this tranquil & nature sensitive
    resort. I hope this will be closed for all who reside & play here. Previous owners too greedy to do away
    with this irritable amenity. Please update , thanks. Mike

    1. Mike,
      We love the fact that Mission Inn is a full resort with a range so we don’t have to leave the property and travel to a range. Just another attraction and we hope the new owners keep it. Perhaps it can be redesigned or reoriented to reduce the noise and inconvenience you perceive rather than just closing it down. I doubt the range has any environmental impact other than the occasional noise just like most ranges in Florida. We certainly have enjoyed the nature at Mission Inn for years with the range in operation, please keep.Respectfully,

  2. Micheal,
    Jack’s comment is well presented and I agree with it.
    Trap and Skeet shooting is not everyones cup of tea but when in the hospitality business it is a constant challenge to provide a panorama of activities for guests to enjoy – or not – depending on individual taste. To label the previous owners as “too greedy” was unwarranted because the activity may have been a loss or low profit event and offered over the years at the request of various hotel guests and members. Besides, I do not believe a business is “too greedy” when it strives to make a profit while providing honest service or manufactured goods to customers and employment to staff. Respectfully.

  3. Thank you MMI Company for your investment plans to add new facilities to our wonderful, historic Mission Inn Resort and Club. I look forward to continue my enjoyment of the present Mission Inn hospitality and to use the planned new facilities as they unfold. As a member, I extend a hardy welcome to the new General Manager Cindy Staley and wish her great success as she leads the hotel during the implementation of these wonderful plans. Sincerely yours.
    Edward Williams

  4. Tito and I are also residents and we are looking forward to using the shooting range at some point. We’ve only been here since July and have been very busy. We are not bothered by the occasional use of the range. We are looking forward to the updated swimming facilities, too.

    There are two things about which I am curious, however:

    1) I hope the gym upgrade will include at least one rowing machine. It would be nice to have something like that to have a full-body workout.

    2) Does the resort have an airport shuttle that the residents can pay to utilize? This would be a great amenity for both us and the guests.

  5. Micheal,

    I agree with Jack, Edward and Catherine’s comments about the shooting range. There are many different types of events offered at Mission Inn, and that is a plus for many people who wish to stay here and for those that live here. If you knew about the range before you purchased a home here it’s unfair of you to expect it to change because you don’t feel it’s an appropriate amenity here. In the nine years we have lived here we have heard shooting on very few occasions.

    I feel your comments about the previous owners being greedy were unwarranted and not very kind.

    There have been many incidents of rude golfers that use profanity and play their music loudly. I have even witnessed several urinating in the pond by our house or off by the bushes in plain sight. I’m assuming these are NOT Mission Inn members. My point is that can be very frustrating as well but it’s part of living on a golf course and unless you live on acreage where you have no neighbors there are going to be things you don’t always appreciate.

    Thank you MMI Company for these exciting updates to our already wonderful Mission Inn!

  6. Keep the driving range and shooting range! I’ll be using them both once we move in.

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