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How to Dress Up a Plain Space, Quickly and Inexpensively

Sharing some ideas from the experts on how to dress up a plain space, quickly and inexpensively. Think of these tips the next time you need to spruce up your event room.

1) Flowers.
And by big flowers, we mean hydrangeas. They’re affordable and elegant – and just 3 or 4 blooms will amply fill a 5-inch pillar vase.

2) Tablecloths
Typically hotels offer just black and white linen. An alternative to get the color you want is to  buy or rent overlays.

3) Chairs
Chair covers rent for roughly $2 – $7 each, depending on quantity. Dress the chairs up further for another dollar or so with a colored sash or wide, stretch fabric band wrapped around the chair back.

4) Up-lighting, or the real deal,  or a mix of the two, the more the candles the better…just no open flames!.  

John French

Mission Inn Resort & Club -
Premier Golf Resort in Central Florida