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Citrus Tower Near Mission Inn’s Central Florida Golf Resort

One well known Florida tower situated close to Mission Inn’s Central Florida golf resort, was originally slated to be 75 feet high, but now reaches a height of 226 feet.

From small beginnings come amazing things.

Think about it:

A tiny 5 millimetre orange seed can grow into a 20 foot tree.

A fraction of a clove of garlic can infuse flavour into a whole meal.

A two centimeter joey can grow into an adult male kangaroo that’s six feet tall.

The Citrus Tower in Central Florida

Mission Inn, one of central Florida’s golf resorts, is set in the heart of orange country and the nearby Citrus Tower, a unique piece of engineering that has been commemorating the state’s citrus industry for 61 years.

Overlooking rolling hills, lakes and citrus groves, Citrus Tower is a well known landmark in Clermont Florida, just 15 miles from Mission Inn. Including its antenna, it reaches skyward to 500 feet above sea level. It is one of the oldest attractions in the state and features a glass-enclosed observation deck where visitors can get a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. There is also a gift shop showcasing all kinds of unique gift items and home décor. If you visit Citrus Tower in December you can enjoy a free family lighting event. Thousands of lights on all four sides of the tower are synchronized to Christmas music, and the result is spectacular.

Mission Inn Celebrates The Orange With Unique Interpretations

Citrus Tower celebrates the Florida orange trade which has grown from its humble beginning as a simple orange seed planted by a Spanish explorer to a modern multi-billion dollar industry. The orange is valued not only for its distinct flavour, but also for its health properties.

And the orange is often featured on the menus of the onsite restaurants at Mission Inn, a favorite destination among central Florida golf resorts. It’s a staple in any chef’s kitchen. You’ll find it added to a sauce or a dish, decorating your plate or even mixed into your special drink.


Among these orange-infused culinary creations are the El Conquistador Salad tossed with Orange Shallot Vinaigrette or Salmon Strawberry Spinach with Florida oranges in the mix. Feast on the hearty Mission Breakfast with a glass of Florida orange juice on the side or enjoy a relaxing brunch buffet on the weekend starting with a refreshing orange mimosa.

A small seed generated unimagined growth. A simple blueprint paved the way to a famous landmark. Citrus Tower may be dwarfed by other structures today, but still stands tall as a monument reflecting the national importance of one simple fruit; the orange.

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