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Central Florida Sightseeing and Day Trips

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Comes to Clermont in Central Florida

A unique central Florida sightseeing trip includes a brush with our founding father and a tour of a miniature White House.

George Washington was a Founding Father of the United States.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Harry S. Truman assisted in founding the United Nations.

And you can see all these remarkable men in one place at the same time during a day trip through central Florida.

Situated in Clermont Florida, a short 20 minute drive from El Campeon golf course in central Florida, is the Presidents Hall of Fame, a unique attraction which features replicas of the 44 American Presidents.

After you’ve enjoyed a morning round of golf on El Campeon or Las Colinas, Mission Inn’s two world class golf courses, why not head to this popular Clermont site for the afternoon?

Central Florida Day Trips

An attraction that has been visited by thousands of visitors every year, the Presidents Hall of Fame first opened in 1962. Outside stands a remarkable replica of Mount Rushmore and inside visitors can view wax figures of all the presidents as well as two first ladies.

There is a diorama of the building of the White House and an extensive collection of priceless memorabilia including items from the Obama and Bush political campaigns, historical documents, Presidential china, and first lady’s gowns.

And if that wasn’t already impressive, this visual feast of all things Presidential includes a spectacular replica of the White House. It took thousands of man hours to build the one inch to one foot scale replica which showcases the iconic piece of architecture in complete detail. Here you can have the opportunity to see famous rooms like the Oval Office, the Press room, Cabinet room, State dining room, and the Rose Garden without even traveling to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

On the way back to Mission Inn, stop by Donut King in Minneola for an afternoon treat of cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, croissants and donuts with a pick-me-up cup of coffee. You’ll be torn by the donut choices which include toppings such as Oreo and M&Ms. But save room for dinner…

Enjoy a Leisurely Evening at Mission Inn

After your afternoon historical visit, wind your way back home to Mission Inn and relax poolside or unwind at Spa Marbella with the Golfers Massage.

Then enjoy a sumptuous meal fit for a President at award winning onsite restaurants El Conquistador or La Margarita. How about something that Harry S. Truman savoured? A rib eye steak, cooked to perfection. Like Thomas Jefferson, sip on a glass of fine wine. You can choose from an extensive list at Mission Inn.

A resort offering the best in central Florida golf and an afternoon outing celebrating the lives and leaders of America; it’s an opportunity for fun, food and a flirt with fame.

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