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Anticipation of Feel – Golf Academy Tips

“Golf is a game of mechanics and complete self-awareness.”  Trevor Hypolite, Director of Fitness at GGGA develops specific corrective exercise programs that focus on the athlete’s ‘core strength’.  Strength, power, mobility, flexibility, balance, and endurance … they are all traits that every golfer must possess to meet their goals. GGGA’s fitness programs are designed to support and enhance our technical training programs with the main objective to increase your level of performance, as well as preventing injury.


Corrective exercises with core as the stabilizer:

Bird-Dogs – Increases strength in the core region during specific movement pattern. Encourages and enhances good posture during movement sequence.

BirdDogStretch (2nd position)

BirdDogStretch (start position)

Spiderman to Single Balance – Dynamic hip flexors stretch with a kinetic chain movement to a single leg balance.  This exercise challenges the body to maintain CORE stability through transition of accelerated movement.



Spiderman (2nd Position)

Shoulder Taps – An isometric core strength exercise that focuses on core stability related to compression (impact) and indirectly strengthens the scapular and thoracic spine.


ShoulderTaps (start position)

ShouldTap (2nd position)



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