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5 Places to Explore While at Mission Inn Resort

  1. Downtown Mount Dora – Explore the quaint town’s shops and restaurants. 20 minutes from the resort. mtdora
  2. Lakeridge Winery – A 127 acre winery that does daily wine tastings and tours. 10 minutes from the resort.
  3. hybrid-grapes-from-lakeridge-wineryYalaha Bakery – German baked goods specialist, focusing on hearty breads & old-world pastries. 5 minutes from the resort.
  4. yalaha-bakery Renninger’s Antique Center – A vast weekend flea market filling indoor and outdoor spaces with antiques, musical instruments and more. 25 minutes from the resort.
  5. renningers President’s Hall of Fame – This museum dedicated to the U.S. Presidents and their families also has a miniature White House replica. 15 minutes from the resort.

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